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Popular Traditional Argentinan Food

Argentinian recipes
provided by Café Columbus.

Brief history
of the drink, "Mate."

Empanadas criollas
First website on Creole empanadas. All one would want to know, including history, recipes and calendars of empanada celebrations.

Flavor guide
Digital magazine on the culinary arts of Argentina.

Recipe book
in alphabetical order, with more than 700 recipes.


Selection of typical Chilean foods and drinks.


Universidad de los Andes
Website produced by the University of the Andes (Colombia), with Colombian recipes organized by region.


100 Cuban recipes
Cuban food and recipes, and links to other related sites.


Collection of personal recipes
from the different regions of Spain, some in Spanish and others in English. Offers an "interactive recipe" in English on how to make paella.

Mundo Vegetariano
Recommended links on vegetarianism.

This website presents information on the different foods of Mexico, also offering recipes and a brief history. It's very useful and well laid-out.

La Cocina Mexicana
Excellent site about the Mexican kitchen, and a brief history on the origin of Mesoamerican foods. Can be accessed in either English or Spanish.


Revista Bongó
Afro-Peruvian foods. A brief article on the African influence on the food of Peru.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican recipes
with a little history on each.

Recipes from Latin America

Other Websites

La opinión
Selection from "El Diario de Los Ángeles" of recipes and information on restaurants and culinary activities.

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