Signals Analysis


Developed for the US Department of Defense, the Signals Analysis Net (SANet) project converted content from an existing platform-delivered course into rich-media standalone learning objects (lessons) that allow a globally dispersed work force just-in-time access through a state-of-the-art learning management system. The Signals Technology series is non-classified and contains 9 courses that introduce learners to communication signals and the telecommunication technology used to convey them. Topics include communication systems, waveforms, information signals, and how information is transmitted through wireless or wired communication channels.
Each self-paced lesson includes activities and exercises to check for comprehension of key concepts and provide opportunities for basic skill application. Each course is SCORM and ADA compliant and includes a final assessment.
SANet 1 was completed in fiscal year 2010. Three courses were developed: Introduction to Multiplexing, Introduction to Modulation, and Introduction to Global Networks.
SANet 2 was completed in fiscal year 2011. Three courses were developed: Communication Signals, Waveforms, and Transmission Media.


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